• June 1, 2021

May 27, 2021 - During the online meeting of the Cantonal Practitioners Network, we discussed the work progress in all cantonal units in the field of development planning, as well as the developments at the level of Federation of BiH.

Representatives of cantons presented the situation in each of the cantons regarding the processes of strategic documents adoption, preparation of action plans and legislative framework:

-       Zenica - Doboj Canton - the Strategy 2021-2027 adopted by the Assembly at the beginning of February, action plans for 2021-2023 and 2022-2024 are created, the Government adopted the Guidelines for triennial work planning 2022-2024, the process of harmonization of the legislation framework for planning and reporting with the Law and Decrees has started;

-       West - Hercegovina Canton - the Strategy has been adopted, the action planning is in process and it will be completed by the end of June, the evaluation of the previous Strategy is ongoing;

-       Posavina Canton - waiting for the Strategy adoption to start the action planning process;

-       Hercegovina Neretva Canton – The Development Strategy is in the creation process, they are working on the establishment of the Office for Strategic Planning;

-       Canton 10 – The Draft Strategy adopted at the Assembly on May 17, 2021;

-       Middle Bosnia Canton – public consultations on the Developments Strategy completed;

-       Una Sana Canton – The Government adopted the Strategy last year, and Assembly on May 19, 2021. Action Plan, Guidelines and Rules of Procedures are completed;

-       Tuzla Canton – Strategy is adopted and the Action Plan is in drafting process.

The participants are informed that the Development Programming Institute and Civil Service Agency of FBiH, supported by UNDP ILDP Project, have started a Training Program for the officers in federal ministries, 6 cantons and 12 municipalities. During the Program, the trainees   will be educated to practice the Decree on triennial and annual work planning, monitoring and evaluation in Federation of BiH.

At the end of the meeting the newly redesigned web page of the Institute was presented, it is created with the support of the Program for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH, implemented by GIZ. The web page encloses digitalized Development Strategy of Federation of BiH 2021-2027, with full content visibility. FZZPR Team enabled the Program’s support for the improvement of cantonal web pages, aiming to improve communication of cantonal development process with general and professional public, moreover the intercommunication of the development planning institutions in Federation BiH.