• November 7, 2023

Sarajevo, 01 November, 2023 - Nijaz Avdukić, Deputy Director of Development Programming Institute, hold a meeting with Adis Salkić, Assistant Minister for Youth of Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, related to verification of activities and obligations needed for creation of the Youth Strategy of Federation of BiH.

Government of Federation of BiH has, at the session held on 30 10 2023, as proposed by Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, brought a Decision to start the process of creation of Youth Strategy of Federation of BiH 2027. The Youth Strategy will be a sectoral strategic document of Federation of BiH, that will determine the programmatic approach to youth, including definition of problems and needs of the youth, strategic directions for actions, as well as strategic goals and measures to reach the goals.

The coordinator of the Youth Strategy creation process is the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, while Development Programming Institute shall be actively involved. During the process of the Youth Strategy creation, key principles of the strategic documents creation process in Federation of BiH shall be applied, in accordance to the Law on Development Planning in FBiH and the  Decree on the Strategic Document Drafting in FBiH. On the occasion, it is agreed to arrange meetings of the two institutions’ representatives with representatives of the Youth Council of FBiH and Institute for Youth Development ”Kult”, to timely agree upon needed activities defined by the Law, related to the process of the Strategy creation.