• November 11, 2021

Sarajevo, 05 November, 2021 – During the meeting that gathered secretaries of the Federal Ministries, the strategic planning system in Federation of BiH was discussed, along with related process of triennial and annual institutional and budget planning.

During the month of June this year, for the officers of the Federal Ministries, activities are launched to support the Ministries in relation to the implementation of the Decree on Triennial and Annual Work Planning, Monitoring and Reporting in the Federation of BiH. The Decree prescribes the obligation for all administrative bodies in the FBiH to start drafting three-year work plans for the period 2022 – 2024, in the year 2021. The trainings have been completed in all the Ministries during the month of September (just one Ministry hasn’t participated). Parallel to this process, the Federal Ministry of Finance started the process of program budgeting throughout the Federation of BiH, thus complementary to the prescribed triennial and annual work planning.

The meeting today is organized aiming to evaluate the training, and discuss the linking of triennial and annual work plans with strategic documents and financing, thus to form an overall synchronized process that will enable the realization of strategic plans for the Federation of BiH development.

Budget and strategic planning will be linked through the connection of each budget program with the measure/priority from Development Strategy of the Federation of BiH, or relevant sectoral strategies.

For the efficient development management we need a functional system to enable transformation of development goals and priorities into concrete activities with clear financial effects and institutional responsibilities. The realization of the targeted activities, and the monitoring and evaluation of their development effects is the only way that is leading us toward higher socio-economic development rate.

The meeting is organized by the Team of the Development Programming Institute of the FBiH, and supported by ILDP, joint project of UNDP and Government of Switzerland.