• July 6, 2023


Sarajevo, 22, 23, 26 June, 2023 – Leading the process of changing decrees related to the implementation of the Law on Development Planning and Management in Federation BiH, the Development Programming Institute Management Team has organized three workshops that gathered representatives of local self-government units (June 22), Cantons (June 23) and Federation of BiH institutions (June 26). As a preparation for the workshops, the institutions of all governmental levels in FBiH have filled a questionnaire to evaluate the Law and related decrees in practice.

During the workshops we discussed:

1.   Decree on triennial and annual work planning, monitoring and reporting in FBiH,

2.   Decree on strategic documents drafting in FBiH,

3.   Decree on strategic documents evaluation in FBiH.


During the application of decrees in practice, in relation to the preparation of triennial and annual work plans of institutions, it is concluded that they need to be upgraded to enable more efficient process of institutional work planning, development strategies implementation, and Law application.

Participants could explain and discuss possible solutions for the by-laws improvement, aiming at the upgrade of the development planning process in the Federation of BiH.

The organization of the event, as well as the engagement of a consultant, was supported by the program "Framework for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as a Foundation for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina", a joint initiative financed by Sweden and implemented by UNDP in partnership with UNICEF and UN Women as part of the UN's support to the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the implementation of the Framework for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in BiH."