• December 20, 2023

Sarajevo, December 14-15, 2023 –Development Programming Institute, as a key coordinator of development planning processes in Federation of BiH, organized the meeting of Cantonal Development Planning Practitioners Network.

The Cantonal Development Planning Practitioners Network is a mechanism for efficient coordination of planning, implementation and monitoring of development of Federation of BiH. Regular meetings of the informal group result in a better system of planning, implementation and monitoring of development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Discussions were about work improvement of all cantonal development planning units, including projects implemented and planned, the Federal Institute informed about the practice at the level of Federation of BiH, along with the presentation of Development Report of FBiH for 2022. The most fruitful discussion was about the process of changing the legal framework on development planning in the Federation of BiH. Participants proposed the best possible solutions for improving the regulations related to the process of development planning, in order to improve it, based on their work experience to date.

Investments in planned development are the condition for implementation of development strategies. The Federation of BiH is building a system that will entail continuity of investment in development projects. The representative of the Federal Ministry of Finance explained how will the program budgeting be established in the Federation of BiH, meaning what is the path from the traditional approach to a budget created for results.

The Sustainable Development Goals are implemented through the established system and process of development planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina/Federation of BiH. Representatives of the Development Programming Institute are members of the Council for Monitoring of the Implementation of SDGs in BiH, on behalf of the Government of the Federation of BiH. Participants of the meeting are informed about the progress in process of implementation of the Framework for SDGs in BiH, and the preparation of the BiH Voluntary Report on the implementation of the Agenda 2030, presented at the high-level political forum held at the UN headquarters in New York, in July 2023. Cantonal representatives explained how they include reporting on the implementation of the SDGs in their practice.

Member of SDG2BiH Program Team informed the participants about Framework for SDGs Financing in BiH. UNDP launched the Program aiming at accelerated implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in BiH, through support to public management systems, with the private sector engagement in green and inclusive community growth.

Economic Reform Program (ERP) is the highest level of European Union engagement with the country and a ground for common dialogue on economic policy. It should stimulate structural reforms and secure that the EU and other donors’ financial support is focused at realization of identified priorities. ERPs should become key elements for national policy planning. Important goal of the economic dialogue, based on ERPs, is the improvement of institutional capacity for economic policy creation. Representative of the Federal Institute presented all these activities, since the Development Programming Institute is a part of the process, nominated by the FBiH Government.

UNICEF BiH Team member explained the link between investing in early childhood and maturation of future citizens, moreover researches show that early investments in health, education and social protection, provide multidimensional return in sense of the country economic growth.