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  • Mission

    To reach it’s planned goals, the Institute is concentrated to scientific researching in modern economics. Key for this work methodology approach is better understanding of socioeconomic processes and problems in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its close and broader neighbourhood. For the reason, in the Institute we improve the researching methodologies, encourage the analytical skills broadening, and invest into scientific infrastructure. Researching interests of the Institute are upgraded in line with the economy and society needs. Development Programming Institute shall be a respectable and recognized institution, with the power in staff and capacity to create qualitative documents, that the Government of FBiH and other institutions, truly recognize as important  and needed for their own work efficiency, as well as for stronger socioeconomic development.

  • Vision

    The Institute, implementing the policy of the Government of the Federation of BiH, efforts to become recognized as one of leading institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of economic research. Its long tradition of drafting development documents is based on accurate and scientifically based research activities, and work independence. The main characteristic of the work in the Institute is the cooperation with the scientific community, both in the country and abroad, creating good relations with the business sector, and the institutions in the public and civil sector. In this way, the Institute strives to strengthen own capacity and research production quality. Moreover, the Development Programming Institute creates analytical preconditions for drafting of development documents for the FBiH Government, public administration bodies and other users, it creates bases for public policy making, performs studying and analysis for macroeconomic development programming, coordinates implementation of BiH and FBiH development documents, in accordance with the current policy and strategic commitments of the Government of FBiH. 


Director of FZZPR

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It is a pleasure to bid you welcome to the website of Development Programming Institute of FBiH that will inform you about our work in general, our activities and engagement.


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History of the Institute

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