Social Development of the Federation BiH - Multisectoral Consultations for the Creation of the Development Strategy of the Federation BiH 2021 – 2027

Sarajevo, October 31, 2019- The second workshop was held, in relation to multisectoral consultations on the plan for social development of the Federation of BiH (education, science, human resources development and labour market; health and life quality; demography and social policies). It's outcome are proposals for measures and priorities for the implementation of the goals, to became a part of the Federation of BiH Development Strategy 2021-2027.

Social development understoods improvement of well-being of every person in society. All citizens shall be enabled to reach their full potential.

To stop negative demographic trends, the Federation needs a population policy that involves sinergion of various aspects of economic and social life (protection of maternity and families with children, regulation of labour market and employment, family promotion, reproductive health improvement, etc.)

Education and science must be one of the development priorities, as they directly affect economic progress and long-term social stability, as well as the process of catching up the developed European countries. The Federation of BiH should become an open, mobile and innovative society. The education system needs to be modernized through the lifelong learning concept, which enables every individual (of all age groups) to have permanent access to education, as well as the recognition of different learning forms.

Human capital development for the 21st century requires upgrade of education and lifelong learning, increase of the activity and employment of population, continuous improvement of health and quality of life, improvement of health awerness, better availability of health resources and strengthening of the health system financial sustainability, computerization and digitization of the health care system in the Federation.

Professors Muamer Halilbašić, Nedim Čelebić, Aida Pilav and Alma Pobrić, facilitated the diskussion during the workshop that gathered representatives of key social development actors (Government of the Federation of BiH, Federal and Cantonal Ministries, agencies,...) aiming to  agree and propose measures, priorities and goals of the Federation of BiH development.

FBiH in numbers

Indicator 2014 2013 2012 2011
Unemployment rate - poll 29,5 28,6 28,3 25,6
Unemployment rate - administrative 48,5 48,2 48,1 45,0
GDP in mil. KM 16.150 15.150 15.250 16.850
Inflation in % 2,0 2,5 3,6 1,2
The most developed canton in FBiH KS KS ZHK ZDK
Average net wage in FBiH 825 820 819 798
Natural increase in FBiH -580 150 -208 -350

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