The Seventh Meeting of Cantonal Practitioners Net Held in Bihac

Bihać, June 17-18, 2019- Practitioners in development planning from cantons met at a two-day meeting to discuss Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation in BiH, as well as the development of strategic planning in the Una-Sana Canton and modalities for improving the work of cantonal units for development planning. The organizer of the meeting was the Federal Institute for Development Programming.This meeting was hosted by the Government of the Una-Sana Canton and team for development planning of this canton. The meeting was held with the support of the UNDP Project for Integrated Local Development (ILDP), funded by the Government of Switzerland.

The meeting was attended by practitioners for development planning from eight cantons (except HNK and TK), representatives of municipalities within the USK, the Federal Institute for Development Programming, the USK Government, the Integrated Local Development Project and the Swiss Embassy in BiH.

Mustafa Ružnic, USK Prime Minister welcomed the participants wishing them successful work, emphasizing that all relevant institutions of the cantons and the Federation should actively participate in the process of development planning, from municipal to state level, in order to contribute a better life of the citizens in Federation of BiH.

Dimka Stanchev Skeie, a representative of the Swiss Embassy in BiH, wished the practitioners involved in planning and monitoring of the development to contribute the further modernization of BiH society with the aim of creating economic and social well-being, as well as to keep citizens in their home country. The Federal Institute for Development Programming representatives informed about the activities related to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in BiH, as well as the Voluntary National Report of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that will be presented in New York in mid-July this year.

FBiH in numbers

Indicator 2014 2013 2012 2011
Unemployment rate - poll 29,5 28,6 28,3 25,6
Unemployment rate - administrative 48,5 48,2 48,1 45,0
GDP in mil. KM 16.150 15.150 15.250 16.850
Inflation in % 2,0 2,5 3,6 1,2
The most developed canton in FBiH KS KS ZHK ZDK
Average net wage in FBiH 825 820 819 798
Natural increase in FBiH -580 150 -208 -350

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