For better communication of the Government and Ministries

The enlargement policy of the European Union and the experience of developing countries - was the topic of a new workshop, held on 28 November 2014 in Sarajevo, organized by the Foreign Policy Initiative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, which is funded by this Ministry.

 The aim of the workshop is, among other things, to provide better communication between Ministries and the Secretariat of the FBiH Government in the process of enlargement of the European Union. The workshop was also attended by Ljubiša Đapan, director of the Federal Development Planning Institution, who gave a presentation on the topic: „Functions, scope of work, the state and the process of strategic planning in the Federation of BiH, with the aim of contributing more to EU enlargement“.

In this workshop, David Brozina, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in BiH, spoke about the EU accession process and the importance of coordination mechanism, with emphasis on the experience of Slovenia, and Vjekoslav Čamber, Minister in the FBiH Government introduces the participants with the role of the Office of the FBiH Government for European integration. Minela Alibegović, expert advisor in the Office for Legislation and Compliance with EU regulations, spoke during the workshop about the function and scope of activities of the Office of the FBiH Government for Legislation and Compliance with EU regulations.

The participants of the workshop, the first one in this cycle, were welcomed by Edita Kalajdžić, Secretary of the FBiH Government and Zoran - Matija Kujundžić, director of the Foreign Policy Initiative BiH, and the meeting was moderated byAdnan Tatar, interim coordinator for EU integration on behalf of the FBiH Government.

FBiH in numbers

Indicator 2014 2013 2012 2011
Unemployment rate - poll 29,5 28,6 28,3 25,6
Unemployment rate - administrative 48,5 48,2 48,1 45,0
GDP in mil. KM 16.150 15.150 15.250 16.850
Inflation in % 2,0 2,5 3,6 1,2
The most developed canton in FBiH KS KS ZHK ZDK
Average net wage in FBiH 825 820 819 798
Natural increase in FBiH -580 150 -208 -350

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