Representatives of the FIDP and USAID on future cooperation

On 28 March 2017, the representatives of the Federal Institute for Development Programming (FIDP) and USAID discussed about the experiences, projects and programs of the Institute and numerous other documents prepared by this institution for the purposes of the Government of the Federation of B&H and other institutions.

The meeting was attended by Thomas Rojas, Director of the Economic Department of USAID, Elma Bukvić - Jusić, USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Ye Zhang, Technical Director of the MEASURE BiH Project, Naida Čaršimamović, Head of the MEASURE BiH Project, Anela Kadić, Analyst at this project, including Ljubisa Đapan, Director, Rijad Kovač and Nijaz Avdukić, Assistant directors and Bećo Sarajlija, Secretary of the FZZPR.

Speaking about the tasks of the Institute, its work, history and success it has achieved, Ljubisa Đapan, drawing attention to a number of projects and plans in which the Institute has been involved so far, specifically pointed to the remarkable success that the Institute achieved in creating the assessment of the impact of the Law on Development Planning and development management in the Federation of B&H, also with the help of USAID. "As we were able to prepare a very complex Impact Assessment of the Law on development planning, we are also able to make all other necessary assessments for the purposes of the Government of the Federation of B&H," said Ljubisa Đapan among other things. He also drew attention to the numerous research and analytical activities that were performed and are still performed by this Institute.

Rijad Kovač particularly drew attention to the involvement of the Institute in the preparation of the Report on the development of the Federation of B&H, analysis of business enterprises in the Federation of B&H, work programs of the Government of the Federation of B&H for the mandate period, and preparation of annual work programs and work report of the Federal Government. In future, in addition to making regular documents, there is also provided a preparation of the Development Strategy of the Federation of B&H until 2027, establishment of the Development Planning Council, including the adoption of many regulations, such as the Regulation on the Methodology for the preparation of strategic documents in the Federation of B&H, Regulation on Development Index in the Federation of B&H, Regulation on linking public investment with development planning...

Thomas Rojas presented some experiences in the field of planning within the cantons, especially those related to some projects such as the Project on Standardization, Law on Public and Private Partnership and other documents relevant for the development of local communities - municipalities, cantons and the Federation of B&H.

It was concluded that the cooperation between the USAID and Institute would be carried on in the area of assessment of the impact of minimum wages on to the employment and labor market. Such analysis will offer a better understanding of the labor market in the Federation of B&H and entail policy proposals that will contribute to reducing the informal economy and unemployment, said Rijad Kovač at the end of his speech.

FBiH in numbers

Indicator 2014 2013 2012 2011
Unemployment rate - poll 29,5 28,6 28,3 25,6
Unemployment rate - administrative 48,5 48,2 48,1 45,0
GDP in mil. KM 16.150 15.150 15.250 16.850
Inflation in % 2,0 2,5 3,6 1,2
The most developed canton in FBiH KS KS ZHK ZDK
Average net wage in FBiH 825 820 819 798
Natural increase in FBiH -580 150 -208 -350

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