• 08.04.2021.

    Plan for Agenda 2030 Implementation Adopted

    Sarajevo, April 04, 2021 – Implementation Framework for Sustainable Development Goals in Bosnia and Herzegovina is adopted by the Council of Ministers, following its adoption by the Government of the Federation of BiH (February 04), as well as the Governments of the Republic of Srpska and Brčko District of BiH.

  • 27.04.2021.

    The House of Representatives adopted the Development Strategy of the Federation

    Sarajevo, April 27, 2021.- At the proposal of the FBiH Government, Development Strategy of the Federation of BiH 2021-2027 is adopted today, at the 21st regular session of the House of Representatives of the Federation.

  • 15.03.2021.

    Consultative Meeting on Energy Transition

    Sarajevo, 15 03 2021 – During on-line consultative meeting on the modalities of energy transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, harmonized with EU regulations, the representative of FZZPR, Nijaz Avdukić, at the invitation of the Reset Center, presented the FBiH Development Strategy 2021-2027 focusing on the priority related to energy transition.

  • 04.03.2021.

    Sarajevo - March the 4th, 2021 - Today, at the initiative of the Development Programming Institute and the FBiH Civil Service Agency, a zoom meeting of representatives of Ministries of the Federation BiH Government was held. The topic was the implementation of the Decree on Triennial and Annual Work Planning, Monitoring and Reporting in the FBiH.

  • 18.02.2021.


FBiH in numbers

Indicator 2014 2013 2012 2011
Unemployment rate - poll 29,5 28,6 28,3 25,6
Unemployment rate - administrative 48,5 48,2 48,1 45,0
GDP in mil. KM 16.150 15.150 15.250 16.850
Inflation in % 2,0 2,5 3,6 1,2
The most developed canton in FBiH KS KS ZHK ZDK
Average net wage in FBiH 825 820 819 798
Natural increase in FBiH -580 150 -208 -350

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